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Welcome to LifeLine Bali Rehab Luxury Recovery Villas with One on One Private & Confidential Personalized Addiction Treatments from Dedicated Specialists

About LifeLine Luxury Bali Rehab & 
Non-Group Bali Recovery Alcohol and Drug Programs in Bali

We are a non-profit foundation (Yayasan) operating on the beautiful island of Bali. We provide alcohol & drug addiction recovery programs free of any charges or fees to Indonesian nationals. We provide a chargeable private & confidential one to one exclusive alcohol & drug recovery program, fully inclusive of private luxury non-shared Bali villa accommodation to foreign nationals.


We are self-funded via our luxury private and fully inclusive alcohol & drug recovery programs. We do not seek or solicit funding. However, we gladly except and collect donations of rice or non-perishable food items, good quality secondhand clothing, household goods, furniture, children's books and toys. These items are very much appreciated for our out reach community programs.


Why do we want to help you or your loved ones.


We believe that compassion and kindness are two of humanity's most important and endearing qualities. We also believe that society and individual happiness hinges on these most valuable, even beautiful human traits. They are in fact vital for a healthy and happy community.


We like to think that compassion is the big brother of empathy. While the former may allow us to understand or relate to how another person is feeling to some degree, or more importantly being able to relate to human suffering (to walk in their shoes as it were). Compassion is our emotional desire to help those that are suffering and less fortunate.


Kindness is born of compassion. Kindness is when compassion becomes acts of kindness to another. We see no greater quality in a person then a kind heart and acts of kindness towards others.


We are all subject to negative conditions, events, circumstances, including the biological and environmental kind. A healthy individual and community is one that helps those in need and suffering (what goes around comes around). Even the strongest and most successful of us will at some point in our lives reach a dark place that only an act of support and kindness from another human being will be able to help and heal us.


Thought of the Day: Smile and be kind! These actions will make for a happier you and a happier world.


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