Non-Profit Private Bali Rehab Alcohol & Drug Treatments
Luxury Bali Rehab Recovery Programs for Drug and Alcohol Addiction
Sober Living Bali Sober Home Post Bali Rehab for Men & Women

Welcome to LifeLine Bali Rehab Luxury Recovery Villas with One on One Private & Confidential Personalized Addiction Treatments from Dedicated Specialists

Get the help you deserve for you or your loved ones

Effective mind, body healing, addiction recovery and freedom from the grip of alcohol and drug dependency with proven methods and results on
paradise island Bali.


Our Bali Rehab Recovery program is available to both Men & Women from 18 years of age suffering from  alcohol or substance addiction and looking for  an effective recovery solution in a non-group, non-institutional setting.


Our clients are accommodated in a non-shared private luxury fully serviced Bali villa with private swimming pool and enjoy a personalized holistic recovery program, specifically tailored to their individual needs and challenges.


Our private Bali rehab recovery program can include all or  part of the following components: Consultations with registered Doctors specializing in addiction recovery, prescribed detox medication, 24 hour supervised detox control, 24 hour nurse, 24 hour sober coach/companion, private counseling and workshops for self discovery, dealing with unresolved events, memories, emotional issues, bad habits, life skills, recovery skills, 12 step meetings, private chef preparing healthy nutritious detox meals, restaurant meals, private car and driver, gym workouts, yoga workouts, beach fitness, daily massage, tours to  temples, water falls, beaches, markets, places of interest and special interests can be arranged by request. We  also offer clients out reach visits to community projects for children, terminally ill, under privileged, animal shelters and more.


The reasons that some of us fall victim to alcohol and drug addiction are many. However, for most it involves negative past events or relationships, loss of a loved one, broken hearts, insecurity, depression, sadness, loneliness, disappointment, self medication, life and work pressures.


However, we all risk the same very serious and often fatal consequences if we don't seek treatment to deal with our alcohol or drug addiction and the underlying issues that led to our addictions in the first place.


Our intensive Bali rehab recovery program incorporates an holistic whole body approach. Detoxification, nutritious foods, quality rest and fitness programs will give  your  body the  chance to heal and recover. Touch through daily massage is another very important part of our recovery program and  has many benefits, including aiding detoxification, relaxation and emotional nurturing. Through counseling we aim to teach acceptance, honesty, forgiveness, self love and respect, mind and body wellness, relationship building skills, positive thinking, self esteem, self reliance skills, work on individual strengths and weaknesses, hope, inspiration and better life choices for a successful and happy life after recovery. We also offer help with your relationships and ongoing support once you have gone home.


Post Bali Rehab, Sober Living Bali Sober Home provides a motivational and supportive 12 steps based program, shared communal living accommodation on the beautiful island of Bali for men and women. An affordable alcohol and drug free environment and a safe place to learn and practice vital living skills for their new life and goals in recovery and life without addiction

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Private Bali Rehab Alcohol & Drug Treatments
Luxury Bali Rehab Recovery Programs for Drug and Alcohol Addiction
Sober Living Bali Sober Home Post Bali Rehab for Men & Women